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Why are streaming sites better than downloading sites for watching movies?

January 19, 2017
For watching movies and TV series, streaming sites are much better than downloading sites, and it is so, for various reasons. When a movie or TV series is streamed to your PC or any other device, you will have access to the content, but you will not own the content, as in downloading. Better internet connection can give you better streaming experience. The internet speed must be around 3 Mbps, and only then the HD version can be accessed. YesMovies is one such streaming site, where you can watch your favorite movies and TV series for free. The site has got a collection of nearly 9000 streaming movies, which can entertain both you and your family members. Streaming sites can be accessed through Laptop, PCs, tablet, internet-connected TV and even mobile phones, via apps. With these many advantages, you can watch movies online, along with your family members and spend some quality time together.

Streaming sites work just like YouTube videos. Just like how your videos load faster with fast internet connection, movies and TV series on these streaming sites load faster and can be viewed without interruptions in between, only when the internet connection is good. In the case of streaming sites, you will be the end-user of the content. This will not be the case, when you download the content. When you download the content, it is yours, and you can watch it again and again and also share it with others. But downloading a movie takes a long time, and it will be stored on your hard drive, using your disk space. Movies on the streaming sites will have better quality when compared to the ones that are downloaded. In the case of streaming sites, you don?t have to wait for a long time to watch a movie. You can watch the movie as soon as you hit the Play button.You will not be wasting your disk space here, as you will be watching the movie on the site itself. In the case of downloading, you need to wait for the movie to be downloaded, and then watch it. Downloading a movie is always risky, as you may not be sure if the site, from where you are downloading the movie, is secure. The streaming site, YesMovies is secured with SSL encryption.
For all the above-said reasons, you must prefer a streaming site over a downloading site.

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